Soome õpetajate algatatud platvormi Global Classroom tutvustus (inglise keeles)


”Global Classroom” 
Who: Teachers and students from different schools around the globe 
What: Working together on a mutual digital platform, forming a global classroom, creating international connections 
Content: Significant global issues, e.g. global warming, well-being, nature preservation 
Why: To encourage young people and boost their self-esteem; to gain a broader perspective on global issues; to increase awareness; to network; to share experiences and knowledge; to increase students’ activity; to learn new studying skills; to learn new communication skills; to strengthen the use of IT in learning; to influence people’s behavior in the community; to make a difference. After all, the youth of today will build the future! 
How: By using a platform designed for this purpose by Claned. The platform will offer different modes of communication: Sending pictures and texts, sending streamed or live video-presentations, chatting, sharing material, a digital learning wall 
When: Signing up of schools and planning phase spring 2017 
Project begins in Autumn 2017 
The use of the platform will be free of charge to the participating teachers and students, sponsored by Claned, and the idea is to work the project into the science curriculum of the schools in question. Any costs would come from how the individual teachers want to carry out the course in their own school, participating in the project requires no participation fee. 
The students would communicate through the platform and send each other pictures, texts, videos, chats, projects, all based on the joint course plan that will be produced together by the participating schools and teachers. The students will explore and study issues locally and post their findings on the digital learning wall, ask each other questions, answer questions, solve problems, come up with new ideas… Maybe even come up with a way to influence decision making worldwide. 
Hermanni School in Salo, Finland, will act as coordinator of the project. The goal is to inspire and engage schools, teachers and students from all different parts of the world, at least one school from each inhabited continent and area. Claned will train the teachers in Finland on the use of the platform and they in turn will train the other participating teachers. 
During the planning phase, after the participating schools have joined the project, the teachers will develop the mutual study plan for the project. The initial questions for the students to explore will be the same for every country. The study plan is to be kept simple and flexible so that it is possible to incorporate the plan into the science education of any national curriculum. The idea is not to add to the teachers’ burdens by being an extra project, but rather to share the educational burden with other teachers around the world and share a professional experience.

teacher Marja Kaunisto-Pyykkö from Salo

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